The history of the surname (Groot/Big-Klein/Small) Nibbelink is inextricably linked to the Dutch village of Varsseveld in the province of Gelderland. In the 17th century, the Nibbelink Estate was split into Groot- and Klein Nibbelink Estates – respective farms Groot Nibbelink and Klein Nibbelink. The farm Groot Nibbelink completely burned down in the spring of 1723. With the help of the residents of the village of Varsseveld, the farm was restored. This was celebrated with all the villagers with a so-called pan beer party on September 17, 1723.

Unfortunately, same day, fate struck in the then people-empty village: A fire, fuelled by a big wind destroyed the entire village, including the church with all its family archives The documented (Groot)-Nibbelink genealogical family history therefore starts around that time only.

A number of Nibbelinks in the Netherlands have used this commemorative event, exactly 300 years ago, this year 2023 to redesign the Nibbelink family coat of arms:

The redesign is based on the original Nibbelink coat of arms, registed in the 18th century:

In addition, that redesign of the family coat of arms was an inspiration for the design of a 2023 Nibbelink Family Coat of Arms flag. The design below shows our flag to be. Following, only the “Dove and the Tree” are on the flag, because they are the main symbols of our Coat of Arms. The blue waves symbolize the river “IJssel” (a side arm of the river Rhine) which winds its way through that part of the province of Gelderland where all the worldwide (Groot and Klein) Nibbelinks originate from.

The cost of the flag (H 100cm; 39 3/8 inch – W 150cm; 59 1/8 inch) depends on production numbers. Therefore, we first want to investigate worldwide how much interest there is in the flag. In addition, it also seems logical to us that those interested, should have an indication of the price they would have to pre-pay for the flag.

We would like to emphasize that the – as low as possible – price range below is based on current costs and that prices may slightly differ in the future. Please note that prices include the flag, shipping costs, local taxes and so on:

NederlandWithin the European UnionOutside the European Union
Lowest€ 35€ 40$ 47
Highest€ 48€ 53$ 60
Prices Nibbelink Flag

So if you are interested, please fill in your details below. Upon receipt, we will  keep you informed about the progress of this unique project.

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